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How did I get here? – I love a “challenge”!

From having a fantastic job in the city to becoming a “florist” overnight 🙂 another story too long to go into too much detail………… basically took a Lease of a shop with ill advice from a Solicitor who tied me into a 21 year Lease! it wasnt even for me…. I got the shop for my friend and still worked my day job in the lawyers office.

It didnt work out too well with my friend, I think I may have been led to believe floristry was a fantastic money making business…… it wasnt……… she went (no anomosity) unfortunately not in a position to run a shop……..hence I gave up my fantasic job in the City and had NO CHOICE but to become a florist!!! where do I start 🙂

I spent the next 3 years on my own. Going into Covent Garden at 3am in the morning and working until 6pm in the evening. Not making any money, just paying bills. But I never ONCE closed early even though there were no customers. I stayed the distance and my passion pulled me through. It was a huge challenge and one I doubt I will ever repeat at this age. But I done it and 18 years later sold a very successful business with a great customer base and reviews. Oh btw in between all that I am also the co-owner and founder of so been building that business for the past 7 years!

I am also someone with #adhd so you can understand where my energy comes from!! – its keeps me going in every direction.

As Albert Enstein says “once you stop learning, you die”! not SURE thats true but learning is liberating.

Hence, I now offer my business mentoring, I dont want small businesses making the same mistakes as I did, wasting money, being led up the garden path by companies offering to get you to the top of google for example, when there are a thousand other businesses like you. OR, getting a marketing company tell you to Wait 3 months before you see any ROI, I never did, so I done it MY WAY.

Im happy to pass on all my experience and especially in the world of #floristry, I dont like to see companies taking “advantage”.

Oh and had I ever been in a cell before??? OMG, No, but I did get arrested for not paying my rent one month out of the 11 years I was there because the Landlord wouldnt fix the roof, he got me arrested and said he “was scared” of me! LOL – that was a great show, me crying down the police station and telling them I had clostaphobia before locking the cell door!!!!

And if you have never seen Floral Frog, take a look, you will see if you BELIEVE in YOU, anything is possible!

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