What my clients say

I was having a hard time trying to balance my work and personal life , I met Kim and she helped me understand my emotions and helped me gain clarity

18 May 2023
Kim is the best person that I have ever worked with. She is very honest, non judgemental and very knowledgeable. I have rated five star’s because she is very good

05 Feb 2023

Cannot praise Kim high enough. Great knowledge and advice. Regular check-ins, easy to talk to, genuinely caring person

Brian Scullion
26 Sep 2023
Kim is fantastic. She is very attentive and takes the time to listen. In a short period of time, she has helped me learn a lot about myself and how

21 Sep 2023
Few words about this wonder women Kim. I’ve been out of work a few months now and my confidences level had hit a all time low, I was lakin in

09 Sep 2023
Kim is very friendly and understanding. I feel like she completely gets me and that I can talk to her about anything. She has provided me with a brilliant in

04 Jul 2023
Kim is so amazing. The best coach I have ever, ever had! She is very knowledgeable, understanding and empowering. Since starting my coaching with Kim I have a much better

Amy W
12 January 2023
Kim is amazing, I was made to feel at ease and comfortable within minutes of meeting her, which then enabled me to open up and not feel judged about anything.

1 October 2022
Before my first session, my self esteem was rock bottom and my anxiety sky high. I have ADHD and currently trialling meds for Bipolar. I believe my lows are more

Tania Fernandes
14 July 2022
I was referred to Kim after having a mini breakdown. I found Kim to be an extremely competent Therapist. She is understanding and a great listner. I also found that

Steve Flaherty
10 July 2022
I needed change on my life in many areas, from dealing with stress, to relationship issues. Kim so far has been amazing in getting to know me and providing methods

William Fradgley
26 June 2022
Kim is such a vibrant, passionate, dedicated mentor who’s has over the past couple of years advised and supported me whenever it has been required. I would highly recommend you

Carol Cook
29 May 2022
Kim helped me with my business when I went into business.she was always there when I needed her and she is very passionate about everything she does and always gives

Terry potter
30 May 2022
Although I have had my business quite number of years I felt that I was going around in circles trying to fit lots in but really not achieving a great

Janette Raithby
29 May 2022
I have been training alongside Kim and she has been a great mentor. She is patient, honest, understanding and she listens. She has taught me so much and has shown

28 May 2022

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