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Discover Your True Self and Embrace Endless Possibilities with Personalised and Guided Support

So why choose therapy and why choose me?

Therapy offers a safe and supportive environment where individuals can explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences without fear of judgment.

As a mature woman who embarked on life’s journey at a young age without expectations, I’ve encountered a spectrum of experiences – some joyous, some challenging, and some downright harrowing. Yet, each has played a role in sculpting the person I am today: resilient, empathetic, and fiercely determined to uplift others. It’s ingrained in my very essence to offer support; it’s who I am at my core.

Nothing brings me greater joy than witnessing breakthroughs in my clients, especially when they’ve felt defeated in both their professional and personal endeavors. While my background includes a substantial tenure in the corporate world, over the past three years, I’ve dedicated myself to obtaining accreditations in counseling, coaching, NLP, and hypnotherapy. However, amidst these academic pursuits, I hold fast to the belief that there’s no substitute for life experience.

For me, the most profound lessons have emerged not from textbooks or classrooms, but from the crucible of lived experience. It’s this reservoir of personal wisdom that I draw upon to connect with my clients on a deeper level. If you resonate with this philosophy, know that I’m here to walk alongside you, guiding you to unearth the richness within yourself and empowering you to seize the very best that life has to offer. Because ultimately, the most precious resource in your life is you.

OUR mind is our most powerful tool, it can be our greatest saviour OR our greatest enemy, which is it to be?


Taster Session


Discover if we’re a match! This 30-minute telephone call allows us to connect and understand your needs better.

One-off Session

£40 per hour

A quick boost, inspiration, answers, or validation. Tailored to address immediate concerns.

Ongoing Sessions

£35 per session

Dive deep into your goals with a tailored program lasting from 4 sessions to unlimited sessions.

The fear of failure can paralyze us, preventing us from taking risks and stepping outside of our comfort zones to explore new opportunities for growth.

what my clients say

I was having a hard time trying to balance my work and personal life , I met Kim and she helped me understand my emotions and helped me gain clarity around the issues I was experiencing.I highly recommend if you are struggling that you contact Kim, she is very easy to get on with and made me fill comfortable , a very nice girl x


Kim is the best person that I have ever worked with. She is very honest, non judgemental and very knowledgeable. I have rated five star’s because she is very good at what she does. Massive thank you Kim.


Kim is very friendly and understanding. I feel like she completely gets me and that I can talk to her about anything. She has provided me with a brilliant in depth plan which feels very hopeful and promising to me and I am already making great progress with it. She doesn’t just provide support and advice during her sessions but regularly checks in with me via text and email, thanks for all your help Kim!


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