Support Groups – Substance Abuse

I offer a Support for substance abuse for individuals and families. If you would like to join a group and talk with a recovering heroin addict, we are here for you.

It can be very enlightening to undestand and hear the story of a REAL PERSON with REAL RESULTS coming out clean and happier 🙂

Just call me anytime, everything if completely confidential, there is NO judgment here. The fortunate ones are the ones that DODGED this path, although there could have been many reasons to TAKE IT. You can SHOW your LOVED ONES the way forward with our help.

THIS CAN take place at my premises in a tranquil space with no interruptions or over zoom if the distance is too far.

Want someone to talk to? telephone support? just call, here for you to let you know that HELP is at hand for your LOVED ONES x

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