Few words about this wonder women Kim.

I’ve been out of work a few months now and my confidences level had hit a all time low, I was lakin in self belief and doubted myself. I just felt that when having interviews I wasn’t selling myself to the fullest. I had lost my way.

After speaking to Kim at one of her sessions, she helped me to open up which helped me to believe in myself. It was in there but she guided me to find my confidence again. She gave me a little task which I swear helped. I had another job interview lined up but this time I felt more confident and positive about myself and the job I was going for. After this interview I was invited for a second interview which again i felt went really well, so well I got the call and a job offer. I truly believe it was with Kims help on helping me find myself, my confidence and my belief of i can do helped me get this job. With all your help and guidance Kim you gave me the ability to believe in myself and in am truly greatful. Thank you kim, you shown me the way forward and to never look back. The old Me is back and on track. Once again Kim I thank you with all my heart ❤️

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